We have developed migration tools to convert TradeXpress messages, rte mappings and includes to Bots python modules (grammars, mappings, comscripts, …)

All kind of Tradexpress messages type (EDIFACT, ANSI-X12, INOVERT, GENCOD, XML, flat, csv, …)

All kind of rte mappings.

This will drastically reduce the cost of a migration to Bots.

Bots advantages

  • UTF-8 encoding.
  • Sequenced process that could manage many scenarii.
  • Chained mappings.
  • Call mapping in another.
  • Customizable messages envelope.
  • Same mapping development method whatever in/out message type (edifact, xml, json, csv, plat, …)
  • Python development language, riche and performant, it offer many possibilities.
  • Send file to several recipients.
  • Could merge outgoing messages.
  • Communications channels are fully or partially (re)programmables.
  • Many databases supported (MySQL, PostgresSQL, SQLite, …)